About Us

We envision a world that leverages nature to engender healthier and more energetic societies.

Our story

Dr. Marjan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a life-long disease condition that eventually leads to paralysis. She experienced several MS attacks in her hands, legs, and eyes, and could not keep her balance easily as the disease deteriorated. Determined not to settle for the apparently inadequate orthodox treatment methods, she sought alternative evidence-based solutions from nature.

The research led to the discovery of remedies that were recommended by alternative medicine and promising in modern medicine. These natural treatment regimens were able to effectively help with the disease symptoms.

After years of comprehensive research into alternative medicine solutions, Dr. Marjan has gained extensive knowledge in herbal medicine, their biochemical properties and mechanisms of action.

Dr. Marjan established Giamed Co. to study and manufacture clinically effective herbal therapies that add value to the healthcare industry.

Company Overview

Natural medicine is perhaps the most effective but neglected source of solutions to human health challenges. Dr. Marjan Farshadi, the founder of Giamed Corp., was inspired to establish the company to help people live a healthier and a more fulfilled life after she effectively treated her health condition using herbal therapies.

Giamed Corp. focuses on creating herbal-derived products by preserving its natural state, without using artificial extraction process or additives that can compromise the natural state of the active components. All the ingredients are tested for quality and purity to safeguard the health of the users. This process creates the best quality natural products with clinical efficacy for treating disease conditions and to the enhancement of healthy living.

The teams of Giamed Corp. continue to research into effective natural therapies in tandem with the corporate mission of promoting healthier and energetic societies.


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